Albums featuring Ian Brennan as performer 

Ian Brennan (Toy Gun Murder, 1987)  
One Last Kiss (Toy Gun Murder, 1988)  
Twisting By The Pool (Toy Gun Murder, 1988)  
One Sided Stories, Ian Brennan & The Faith Healers (Toy Gun Murder, 1990)  
Stuff (Toy Gun Murder, 1992)  
Paperboy (Toy Gun Murder, 1994)  
Cheapskate (Toy Gun Murder, 1996)  
Teacher's Pet (Toy Gun Murder, 1998)  
Mail-Order Brides (Toy Gun Murder, 2000)  
Sometimes It Just Takes That Long: 1987–2015 (Independent Records Ltd [IRL], 2016)  

     Compilation albums produced and released by Brennan (acoustic performances recorded live by Brennan at Brainwash Laundromat in San Francisco) 

Unscrubbed: Live From The Laundromat, various artists (Toy Gun Murder, 1997)  
Unscrubbed: Live From The Laundromat II, various artists (Toy Gun Murder, 1998) featuring Henry Kaiser 
Unscrubbed: Live From The Laundromat III, various artists (Toy Gun Murder, 1999) featuring Grandaddy  

     Albums produced by Brennan 

I Stand Alone, Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Anti-, 2006)  
Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John, Peter Case (Yep Roc Records, 2007)  
Rain Machine, Rain Machine (Anti-, 2009)- Brooklyn, New York 
Kigali Y’ Izahabu, The Good Ones (Dead Oceans Records, 2010) – Rwanda  
Tassili, Tinariwen (Anti-, 2011)– Mali/Algeria  
He Is #1, Malawi Mouse Boys (IRL, 2012) – Malawi  
Italia 1988–2012, Jovanotti (ATO Records, 2012) 
Trance Percussion Masters of South Sudan, Wayo (Riverboat, 2013) 
South Sudan Street Survivors, General Paolino featuring Mama Celina (IRL, 2013) – South Sudan  
Little Copper Still, The Cedars (Clubhouse Records, 2013) – Scotland/South Africa/Portugal  
Lapwong (Freedom Fighters), Acholi Machon (IRL, 2014) 
Dirt is Good, Malawi Mouse Boys (IRL, 2014) 
I Have No Everything Here, Zomba Prison Project (Six Degrees Records, 2015) – Malawi 
Survival Songs, Bob Forrest (Six Degrees Records, 2015)– Big Sur, California 
War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar, Hanoi Masters (Glitterbeat, 2015) – Vietnam  
Kibera Esbera (Kenya), West Bridge Band (Electric Cowbell Records, 2015) – Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya  
Rwanda is My Home, The Good Ones (IRL, 2015) – Rwanda  
Quaranta (40), Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Ponderosa Music & Art, 2015) – Apulia, Italy  
Like a Bird or Spirit, Not a Face, Sainkho Namtchylak (Ponderosa Music & Art, 2015) – Tuva 
They Will Kill You, If You Cry, Khmer Rouge Survivors (Glitterbeat, 2016) – Cambodia  
Rough Romanian Soul, Zmei3 (Six Degrees Records, 2016) – Romania  
Forever Is 4 You, Malawi Mouse Boys (Omnivore Recordings, 2016)  
I Will Not Stop Singing, Zomba Prison Project (Six Degrees Records, 2016) 
Why Did We Stop Growing Tall?, Abatwa [The Pygmy] (Glitterbeat, 2017) - Rwanda/Burundi  
White African Power, Tanzania Albinism Collective (Six Degrees Records, 2017) – Tanzania  
Make Trouble, John Waters (Third Man Records, 2017) 
Our Skin May Be Different, But Our Blood is the Same, Tanzania Albinism Collective (Six Degrees Records, 2018) – Tanzania  
Score for a film about Malawi without music from Malawi, Malawi Mouse Boys (Toy Gun Murder, 2018)  
God is not a terrorist, Ustad Saami (Glitterbeat Records, January 2019) – Pakistan  
Not a homeless person, just a person without a home, Homeless Oakland Heart (Electric Cowbell Records, October 2019) 
Rwanda, You Should Be Loved, The Good Ones (Anti-, 2019) 
Why (the War)?, Yemen War Refugees (Toy Gun Murder, 2020) - Yemen  
Funeral Songs, fra fra (Glitterbeat Records, April 2020) – Ghana